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Some tips and tricks on DJ Trump
  • The autocomplete will show you which words and phrases are available on DJ Trump. The set of available words will always be growing.
  • You can string together long phrases to make the video of Donald Trump flow better.
  • Pay attention to the hand motions Donald Trump makes with each word for physical humor.
  • Certain words unlock easter eggs on DJ Trump!
  • Try the DJ Trump fill-in-the-blank prompts to jumpstart ideas for longer phrases
  • Choose Rapper Trump to add a beat to the background or use one of our other filters to create fun audio distortions


DJ Trump a non-partisan platform enabling free speech from all parts of the political spectrum. You can make a video of Donald Trump saying anything you type automatically by choosing from a corpus of over 6000 clips of Donald Trump speaking. DJ Trump uses a language processing algorithm combined with strict manual quality control to bring you crisp and clear clips to mix together in any way you want. DJ Trump will also host your video so that you can share your mashup to show everyone your creativity!

DJ Trump is a double entendre referring to both Donald J. Trump and Disc Jockey Trump.

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Over 7000 words and phrases available!