DJ Trump lets users convert text to videos of Donald Trump speaking

Cambridge, MA - February 9, 2017 The new app DJ Trump allows users to turn their text messages into videos of Donald Trump delivering the message. Available on the web, Android and iOS (currently in the app review process), DJ Trump automatically converts text input to a video generated by splicing together clips of Donald Trump saying individual words. The app has over 4500 words available and includes phrases such as "Make America great again" and "The Art of the Deal."

"We've had people parody famous movie quotes and write spoken word poetry, but our users tell us they mostly use it to respond to friends' texts," says co-founder Erik Westland.

"Both Trump supporters and progressives have had a lot of fun with creating videos," added co-founder Phil Hu. "We're glad that this is able to offer broad appeal."

Erik Westland and Phil Hu both run separate companies after graduating from Harvard Business School last year. Erik runs a card game company called IBETCHA and came up with the idea while using Snapchat's faceswap feature. He approached Phil, CEO of travel company cleverlayover, about the idea to autogenerate Trump speeches, and they decided to form DJ Trump as partners.

"I consider it a fun side project. This isn't so much a business as a gift to friends who feel passionate on either side of the aisle. It's a way to vent frustrations or show support," said Phil.

The name DJ Trump is a double entendre referring to both Disc Jockey Trump and Donald J. Trump.

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